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Nature's Heart Healer

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Nature's Heart Healer

Nature's Heart Healer is photography taken in the North Woods in Central Park, New York. 

No matter what you are going through, you are never alone. 

Enlightened are the days of night, 
The seven cycles of the sun, 
For through the death and darkness, 
Stand the angels' merge back with the One. 

Transform my love, do not despair, 
We never even left your side, 
For moment after moment, 
We were with you every time you cried. 

The darkest forest have you walked, 
In pain you wept eternally, 
Yet know that you are not alone, 
Though not yet seen externally. 

For inner has your journey been, 
The seeker leaves the world behind, 
Yet outward shall it manifest, 
When love transforms for humankind. 

For resolution not yet seen, 
Will manifest upon the earth, 
In light you will return to it, 
Through transformation and rebirth. 

Do not despair, beloved one, 
Do not succumb to tragic pain, 
For though you may feel sad and lost, 
Your journey has not been in vain. 

The bitter end shall turn to light, 
The tunnel shall reveal it's bend, 
And through the wormhole you shall go, 
With chariots shall you ascend. 

-Pamela Storch 

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