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Moonlight at the End of the Tunnel

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Moonlight at the End of the Tunnel

Moonlight at the End of the Tunnel is frequency art for the darkest night of the soul. When worlds and back have not led to answers, and the path of illumination has led you back into the depths of despair, this frequency art oracle leads you back into shadow, dreams, and psychic visions. For the path of the moon is equal to the path of the sun. Though darkness was imprinted on the earth, and the sun was raised as superior, both sun and moon are needed in balance and perfect harmony.  The prophesy makes clear that soul and body, day and night, cannot coexist, yet both are expressions of divine wisdom and understanding.  

How lonely is the quiet moon that shadows silver light, 
How sad and very desolate in darkness of the night,
It's man must be quite lonesome there, 
And feels the bitter pain, 
It's hurt cannot be lessened, 
For the craters still remain. 

The moon is quiet and afraid, 
Not confident or proud, 
I wish I could be like the moon, 
And hide behind a cloud. 
I hope that things will be okay, 
I wish with all my might, 
But I would like to wish the moon, 
A quiet peaceful night. 

-poem written by Pamela Storch age 13 

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