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Meyer Lemon Seal of Strength

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Meyer Lemon Seal of Strength

This art was created from a photograph of meyer lemons.
With regard to the current situation, the art is a symbol of immunity and strength.
The poetry companion is written below and will also be available as prints.

Meyer Lemon Seal of Strength,
Protect the cells inside,
Withstand the virus from without,
Transform the sweeping tide,

When core is strong and body clear,
With boundaries in place,
Do not take on what cometh near,
Withstand it face to face.

For outer shall not come within,
When strengthened systems flow,
Immunity is found inside,
The crystal diamond glow,

Place platinum light in every cell,
And bless your sacred space,
No virus can or ever shall,
Withstand true love’s embrace.
-Pamela Storch

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