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Lantana Berry Flowers Forever

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Lantana Berry Flowers Forever

Lantana Berry Flowers Forever is art created from a photograph of white lantana berry flowers in Jerusalem. 

White is calling day and night, 
When flower fractals bloom, 
Inside the hidden mirror's gate, 
The golden key shall be, 

When petals fade and darkness rise, 
Beyond the magic lair, 
Inside the windows of the lake, 
A secret symphony. 

For rise do blossoms day and night, 
The flowers of the kings, 
For only once the incense stir, 
The caldrons on the way, 

For deeply stirring is the mood, 
Of Joseph's longest dream, 
Enchanted spices going down, 
The endless spiral day. 

Sing with heartfelt cheer and song, 
Delight in flowers now, 
And blast the trumpets loud and clear, 
For joy shall reach it's peak, 

Beyond the mountains love shall reach, 
And fear shall be no more, 
For now the phoenix finally, 
Remembers how to speak. 
-Pamela Storch

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