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Jerusalem Pine Tree Bark Energy Essence

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Jerusalem Pine Tree Bark Energy Essence

Jerusalem Pine Tree Bark Energy Essence was created from a photograph of the bark of a pine tree in Jerusalem. 

Through meditation, the pine tree wishes to convey that trees can indeed be communicated with, spoken to, and understood when imagination is no longer experienced as "unreal". 

For the space in the atoms of a human being are no different from the space in the atoms of a tree, or any other form for that matter. 

When the DNA itself forms communication with itself, it's bond can be felt by all others and openly communicated with. As the channels open, light pours through as information to any person in unity with all that is, who is open to receive the boundless flow of abundance and the light of eternity. 

The pine tree wishes to communicate that roots may be found in the 5th dimension itself, through inner healing and anchoring to the 3D representation of the 5D it is merged with. 

For what truly is 3D but a flow of now moments that appear as physical reality from whatever dimension they are viewed from? 

Anchor to the now, be one with divinity, and there you shall find your roots and your true home. 

For eternity is an ever-present waterfall of love, flowing through the rivers of life and the channels of the eternal presence.  

Through the third eye of sight, the inner pine cone, unity is found and anchoring of the body occurs in it's truest essence and rooted grounding comfort. 

Poem of the Jerusalem Pine Tree: 

Through grounded roots and anchored dreams, 
The winds of change appear, 
No more will cold and darkness bloom, 
Within the forest here, 

For with the inner sight you see, 
Within the gland called pine, 
Experience the difference, 
When you merge your heart with mine, 

See with the eye of nature's call, 
Be present with the breeze, 
There is no pain or thought at all, 
From networks merged as trees, 

The wisdom there is infinite, 
With roots as far as sight, 
The inner cities of the earth, 
Are merged as cells take flight, 

For forms are but a costume, 
In the infinite abode, 
Expression freely takes it's form, 
Without a heavy load, 

Sing freely in eternity, 
Be free and sing your song, 
And be the wisdom of the pine, 
With laughter all day long. 

-The Jerusalem Pine Tree channeled through Pamela Storch 


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