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Garden Of The Creative Writer

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Garden Of The Creative Writer

Garden of the Creative Writer is frequency art to bring out creativity and beauty from the muse within. Channeled through Source and Archangel Gabriel and Raziel the Magician, this art speaks to the DNA using language of light codes and activations. The creativity that merges worlds and brings heaven upon the earth is not achieved through striving, struggling or third dimensional thought. It is achieved through the now moment, zero point, and merging the 4 directions, dimensions of time and space to zero. One then enters the state of zero limits, infinite flow and abundance, perfect "timing". It is a letting go, a surrender, where the individualized will and the will of Source become One. Divinity then manifests in physical form. There is then indeed no heaven or earth, for this merge brings all to light, revealing the infinite in all and everything. 

Through the lucid dream of Archangel Gabriel, and the Magic of Archangel Raziel, the inner worlds become manifest in physical form, and mastery over the material world is realized.

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