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Garden of Enchantment

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Garden of Enchantment

Garden of Enchantment

Poised to sit upon the bench,
With flowers standing tall,
A journey whispers from inside,
A voice that's still and small,

No longer sit in dark decay,
Do not let diamonds pass,
Celebrate each waking day,
Each light, each blade of grass,

Do not allow your life to end,
With gifts held deep inside,
Allow your light to set you free,
Embrace the river's ride,

Do not sit dead in rot and rust,
Allow yourself to feel,
And come to places far and wide,
Where you can truly heal,

Enchanted are the gardens,
And enlightened is the breeze,
Allow your being to feel awake,
And flow with grace and ease,

For life itself will be restored,
With presence will you thrive,
And as the moment deepens,
You begin to feel alive.

-Pamela Storch

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