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Flower Garden Of Platinum Intention

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Flower Garden Of Platinum Intention

Flower Garden of Platinum Intention is frequency art depicting the magic of Shakespeare Garden in Central Park in New York City.  

This piece of art is an energetic match to the album Platinum Ray by Pamela Storch. 

As the sun's rays light the way, 
Paving the magical paths with warmth, 
And flower beds of vivid reds, 
Illuminate the gates of golden glory, 

A blue sky awaits, 
With trees that sway in flowing dances, 
Opening the heart to what lies beyond, 
The day of grace and platinum chances. 
-Pamela Storch 

*This artwork is also available as poetry art.

For the poem above included in the art,

See the brand new Poetry Art Gallery under the Writing section of this website.

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