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Enchanted Woods

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Enchanted Woods

Enchanted Woods is frequency art of imagination, desire of will, and manifestation of abundance. Money is energy, and energy is freely available inside of you. Tap into your infinite potential and what you need is always right there with you. Through Source energy, emerges Haniel, angel of the Ruby Ray. Channeled through Haniel, the aspect of ourselves which asserts will, strength, and passion of purpose, the aspect of Malchut is attained, through glory. 

Search not outside for what you need on the physical level dear one, search within. For that is where your home above will manifest outward, below. As within, so without. As above, so below. Enchanted Woods contains the imprinted frequency of the wise Haniel, body spirit of Divine aspiration. Helping us to manifest heaven on earth through Music of the Spheres aligned with gold and the Platinum Ray.  

Creating flow and centeredness, grounding and presence, this art assists with these aspects of self, aligning the inner and outer and integrating in unity. When soul and body unite, that is heaven on earth dear one.  

Beautiful to behold are the woods at dusk, 
Aligned with rays of the central sun, 
Platinum and gold unite and unfold, 
In circuitry of ringlets, 
Droplets of starlight, 
Upon the Infinite One. 

Dance upon the twilight, 
Rejoice at night, 
For the sun has set, 
Yet the moon rejoices. 

I dream of a brand new day, 
Like the sun with a golden vision, 
I dream of the day our hearts, 
Will beat together as One. 

I dream of the moon and sun, 
Dancing together all as one, 
I dream of the day our hearts, 
Will beat together as One. 

-Pamela Storch (channeled through Source manifesting as Haniel the angel of the Ruby Ray) 

This frequency art is an energetic match to the albums Music of the Spheres and Platinum Ray by Pamela Storch on iTunes.

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