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Dove of the Milk and Honey

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Dove of the Milk and Honey

This piece combines the 4 elements creating a merge of colors and styles. It accompanies the music track "Dove of the Milk and Honey", original piano composition by Pamela Storch in her album "Heart Opening" on iTunes. This artwork was inspired by a hike in Israel overlooking Lake Kineret, The Sea of Galilee. It was created from an actual photograph taken during the hike.

Dove of the Milk and Honey 
Pours from within as the sea stands near, 
Over rolling hills of illumined grace, 
The voice of an angel speaks sincere, 

With nature's love a fallen heart, 
Is healed with clouds that whisper by, 
Enchanted within, enchanted without, 
As the mountains soar beyond the sky. 

-Pamela Storch 

*This artwork is also available as poetry art with the poetry above. 

Listen to Dove of the Milk and Honey Music Track on iTunes:

Watch the YouTube Video Here:

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