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Blueberry Truth And Perfection

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Blueberry Truth And Perfection

Blueberry Truth and Perfection is a beautiful healing lesson within the art itself. Blueberries are great for both the throat and third eye chakra. Known for their ability to support thyroid health and opening of the third eye of intuition, these power packed blueberries are all about speaking our truth and stepping into our power. Though things may appear to be a complete mess, look closely and see that everything is in Divine timing and order.  

Each piece of art I make is channeled, and each holds it's unique vibration, strength and message. An interesting challenge I encountered while creating this art, is that no matter what I did in order to remove the pixelation, it somehow took away from the energy signature created by the essence of this art. Therefore, some slight pixelation may remain even at the highest quality resolution I have uploaded this art at in order to retain it's truest essence. 

Here is the message I received in regards to the pixelation: 

This art is perfect as we all are. Though we may think there is something we need to do, be, achieve, or accomplish in order to prove ourselves, our worth, our success, this concept itself is flawed. We all have a right to be here and live life to the fullest because we are here. And that is perfection. There is no such thing as failure. Art itself embodies this essence. Life is a blank canvas. What could go wrong? Whether we paint a beautiful sunset or earwax, it all is beautiful and perfect. One is not less than the other. Would we say a child is a failure because they have not yet embodied their full life's potential? Of course not. We understand that life is a journey, and each step we take is a necessary part of the whole picture. So too in our lives. And so this art embodies the perfection within the imperfection. So we see that everything in our lives is perfect. Look closely at what appears to be the "failure" and see that is what makes us most beautiful, real and authentic. See the energy that comes out of what we perceive as different. And let that be the greatest work of art of all.

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