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Beyond the Frozen Winter Lake

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Beyond the Frozen Winter Lake

Beyond the Frozen Winter Lake

Beyond the frozen winter lake,

With trees that touch the sky,

The grass is swaying in the breeze,

As softness scampers by,

There is a stillness and a peace,

That flows with ease and grace,

Do not let diamonds wander through,

Without true love's embrace,

Focus now the raging mind,

Let past be what it may,

And do not let this moment pass,

Don't let life get away,

Sit with stillness on the rocks,

Let mountains sing a song,

For can you hear the raging wind,

Who sings the whole night long?

What do flowers say to you,

And what to clouds advise,

For there is no such thing as dead,

When all is wisdom wise,

Ask the sky to teach it's ways,

Request a bird to sing,

And soon the world will set you free,

You'll treasure everything.

-Pamela Storch

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