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Bald Cypress Tree Energy Essence

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Bald Cypress Tree Energy Essence

Bald Cypress Tree Energy Essence was created from a photograph of a bald cypress tree in Central Park, NYC.  

Made in harmony with nature, it retains the essence and energetic properties of the tree itself. 

The bald cypress tree is known for being sturdy and heavy. It often grows in wet environments such as swamps. 

The bald cypress can live for thousands of years, the oldest known bald cypress being at least 2,624 years old along the Black River. 

In spiritual tradition, the bald cypress is known as a symbol of mourning, death, and the path of the dark forest. Many caskets are customarily made from bald cypress. 

Though the pain and grieving of loss and mourning may be unbearable for those touched by it, this tree contains a hidden message of hope for all who suffer. 

Mourning angel of the earth, 
We hear your call on high, 
Do not repair what's dead and lost, 
You must let the dead die. 

Too long you've sat with innocence, 
In prison walls of time, 
Do not sit any further there, 
Release the final chime. 

We love you more than anything, 
Through suffering and loss, 
We clearly see what's happened now, 
Let light fill in the moss, 

When death does knock the doorways close, 
Yet light streams in above, 
The path straightforward is the way, 
We stand here holding love. 

Bald cypress tree of mourning grief, 
Stands tall in forest's night, 
Do not give up in darkest dreams, 
Within you are the light.

-Pamela Storch

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