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Archangel Gavriel's Fallen Flowers

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Archangel Gavriel's Fallen Flowers

Archangel Gavriel's Fallen Flowers


For all the flowers fallen, 

The world of grieving, 

Pain and isolation, 

Silence not the crying chamber of secrets, 

For the tears of the phoenix heal all those who suffer. 


You have not suffered in vain, 

For your work and toil have not yet yielded harvest, 

Your labor is not yet complete, 

Though the cries of the birth pains pierce the heavens. 


Though the core of your being faces downward, 

Awaiting the ripening of the fruits ,

For which you have toiled so graciously, 

Don't give up hope dear Earth angel. 


For the golden sun has not yet set, 

And the feast of the dancing ,

Shall awaken in a roar of laughter. 


Dance dear one, 

When all is lost, 

And no sign of the morrow has dawned, 



For the dance which creates flow,

Shall awaken even the longest of dreams, 

And since life itself is but a dream, 

Only laughter shall be upon you now.


I dream of the moon and sun, 

Dancing together with everyone now, 

I dream of the day our hearts, 

Will beat together as one. 


-Archangel Gabriel, worker of dreams and secrets


-Pamela Storch


Frequency art oracle of the "Hanged Man" card 12, Archangel Gabriel shows there is hope in even the gravest moments when we look from a different perspective and search within ourselves for meaning and awakening.

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