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Dance of the Jerusalem Wild Flowers

Dance of the Jerusalem WildflowersPamela Storch
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Dance of the Jerusalem Wild Flowers


Call the wild flowers’ edge,

The gateway locked inside,

White petals to the limit go,

Where flowers cannot hide,


White flower petals’ core is gold,

And silver rides the waves,

The dream of Joesph is aligned,

With everyone life saves,


For what is life on other’s side,

And what is death but gates,

The transformation will occur,

Without the heavy grates,


White flowers dance the fondest dreams,

And call their siren through,

The ships at sea will journey,

Through the fountains holding dew,


The manna will sustain all life,

The sunshine wraps the land,

And children laugh with gleeful pride,

At angels hand in hand,


For are we not the angels there,

Forgetting who we are,

In glee we will remember,

As the dust becomes a star.


-Pamela Storch

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