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The Garden's Archway

The Garden's Archway

The Garden's Archway was created from a photograph of the archway in a beautiful garden.

The Garden's Archway

Garden's archway still and vast,
Beyond the rocks of sleeping time,
Set still in waters ringlets cast,
A rising sunset's paradigm,

Setting still on peaceful lakes,
A crust beyond the ocean's core,
As starlight sparkles now beyond,
The rising waves are seen once more,

Set aside the raven's den,
For bridges harken willows gaze,
In secret lies the age beyond,
Beneath the silent clouded haze,

Ridges set beyond the rocks,
The ponds of autumn summer sun,
For what can be of moving fast,
When time itself remains undone,

Light the way for those to come,
Be still now and remain inside,
Connect now to your inner land,
And be transformed beyond the tide.

-Pamela Storch

A Dreamer's Pond in Autumn_edited.jpg

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