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Take Your Power Back Today

Take Your Power Back Today

Take Your Power Back Today

Take your power back today,
What more can you endure,
Grab hold now of the golden wheel,
Foot pedal to the floor,

Blast off from all that's holding back,
Uncertainty and doubt,
Release the way to true Divine,
Let angels figure out,

Release the the thinking of the mind,
Release the spinning daze,
And like a guiding GPS,
Let NOW show you its ways,

For when you truly take the wheel,
And let the answers flow,
The inside out will take you through,
And show you where to go,

You need not know the path at hand,
You need not know the way,
Let inner guidance carry you,
Do what you can today,

It need not be your very best,
Or even good at all,
But trust that what you do with love,
Will be your guiding call,

Ignite your heartbeat from within,
Take back your inner space,
Your breathing out and breathing in,
Is all you need in place,

Feel the fear and so it comes,
Be present with the pain,
Your heart will free and open,
And no waiting shall remain,

For when you live in full with life,
Life lives in full with you,
The truth cannot be broken,
You'll be blessed in all you do,

Now take the hand of guidance now,
Be truly who you are,
And wait not any longer now,
Go birth the rising star.

-Pamela Storch

Watch the YouTube video here:

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