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Spirit Guide Of Sirius The Lion of Courage

Spirit Guide Of Sirius The Lion of Courage

Spirit Guide of Sirius depicts the wise and courageous lion patiently awaiting our return from the slumber of the ages. 

On the other side of the veil, the lion waits, for the awakening of the world on mass. 

Sleep no more will the lion's dream, 
For the slumber has set the largest sun, 
The sapphire's dream will be no more, 
As ruby and twilight merge as one. 

Behold the night, for it was long. 
The moon beheld the deepest pain, 
When pearls of wisdom merge the night, 
Then suffer shall you not in vain. 

The sun has set and it is done. 
When wisdom comes to unite the way, 
No more shall beauty fall upon, 
The moon as night, and night as day. 

For peace will be the bold approach, 
When slumber does the softest lamb, 
The unicorn is pure at heart, 
Yet waters shall release the dam. 

The night resembles instant bliss, 
The daylight shall ignite the way, 
And warmth shall tremble innocence, 
When stones unturned appear today. 

The Spirit Guide of Sirius, 
Behold the lion spirit guide, 
Beyond the veil of slumber, 
Seven secret doors revealed inside. 

No more shall sleep the softest lamb, 
Awaken shall the stars of dust, 
Roar like the lion, royal ones, 
In you we place our deepest trust. 

-The Spirit Guide of Sirius channeled through Pamela Storch 

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