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Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising 

How many morrows of the setting sun, 
Before my heart can heal, 
How many sorrows of this world, 
Enchanted, surreal. 

I will return again to this place, 
That I have seen before, 
I return now with strength, 
I will walk through the door. 

And I will see a man of white, 
I will see through his soul, 
I will see what he’s done, 
Charged the rivers a toll. 

Though his bridge may be there, 
Over waters of black, 
Water’s ink takes his side, 
Water’s dream may attack. 

Now with strength, 
I will see that it happens no more, 
I will take back my power, 
I will unleash my core. 

I am free, I am sovereign, 
I stand by my side, 
I will be with myself, 
And I stand here with pride. 

Never more will I stand for, 
Lots taken on me, 
I resume my own life, 
I am sovereign and free. 

Like a bird to the wind, 
Do I rise and I fly, 
Like a phoenix from ashes, 
I soar through the sky. 

Like a phoenix from ashes I soar through the sky. 
-Pamela Storch 

Lyrics to "Phoenix Rising" by Pamela Storch 

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