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Over the Hills of Tiberias

Over the Hills of Tiberias

Over the Hills of Tiberias is a merged photograph and digital painting on canvas, of the breathtaking scenery on a life changing hike in Israel.

Over the Hills of Tiberias

Sacred sky on timeless hills,
On landscapes far and wide,
Overlooking farms and lakes,
Beneath the mountainside,

Peaceful air upon the skies,
And rocks that span like dreams,
The inner is revealed in depth,
Beyond the hidden streams,

Sleeping rocks and skies within,
Upon the sacred ground,
Tiberias is found inside,
The holographic mound,

Sleeping lions are no more,
And time is dead like rust,
For when the lions do awake,
Earth rumbles from it's crust,

With land erupting from the core,
And oceans in the skies,
The end is truly nevermore,
As we the dead shall rise,

And see we shall with brand new eyes,
And we the deaf shall hear,
The lightening coming from above,
Yet inside far and near,

In one blast the singer sings,
The trumpets sound with love,
And one will be the skies and land,
Below will be above,

Rejoice upon the mountaintops,
Play cymbals from within,
I am the raging river now,
I am the violin.

-Pamela Storch

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