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Metatron's Chariot

Metatron's Chariot

Metatron's Chariot is frequency art oracle depicting the integration of 5D with 3D is the true Merkaba which moves one forward into the miracle of choice. 

This art was created from the essence of trees in Central Park in New York City. 

In the journey of ascension, a person goes from 3D physically programmed existence through the 4D shadow templates of the dark forest and into the 5D light of the new reality. When a person has attained 5D consciousness and has experienced this bliss charged state for some time, or indeed no time at all, one returns to all that has been rejected or indeed healed within the 3D, and integrates the experience of the 5D light together with the sheer unconsciousness of the 3D, and all past unconscious aspects of self. One moves in unison with the light of 5D and the darkness of 3D, together, as one, filtering into both realities simultaneously.  

When the merge between both and unification of both has taken place, seeing neither as better or worse, neither as higher or lower, and both as true unique expressions of divinity and indeed one and the same, one then can truly create miracles, a third reality representing the 5D/3D merge.  

This third reality is the reality of choice. A reality not based on wanted and unwanted, better or less than, dark or light, but upon merged acceptance and peace in changing perspective.  

It is but a simple shift in perspective which moves the chariot forward, for the answers you seek are indeed right under your nose.  

For do not see a tree of dark and a tree of light, instead see them as merged, as the chariot of Metatron, angel of transformation, together with the earth and sky, and worlds beyond yet right here and now all as one. See the faces, the worlds, the leaves and branches unified. One mission, a single task. The music of the spheres plays an entire orchestra on the branches of the wind, swaying in the breeze.


Watch Metatron's Chariot with original music composed by Pamela Storch on YouTube

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