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Jerusalem Rose In Full Bloom

Jerusalem Rose In Full Bloom

Jerusalem Rose in Full Bloom was created in harmony with nature from a photograph of a magnificent blossoming rose in Jerusalem. 

It's presence, healing energy and incredible beauty captured my imagination and truly inspired me. 

Jerusalem Rose in Full Bloom 

Healing are the petals 
Of a whisper in a dream, 
As light drops dazzle softly 
In the stillness of the breeze, 

Enchanted are the morrows 
Of the setting golden sun, 
As the blooming of the sunset's, 
Promised cycles soon will cease, 

As time itself stands still, 
Within the timelessness of now, 
Eternity is ever present, 
Waterfalls of love, 

Flowers bloom and fade, 
Yet at their essence never die, 
As leaves upon the grandest branch, 
Of light beamed up above, 

For ever-present laughter, 
Can be heard upon the dawn, 
Of not forsaken cries 
Of hopeless past, 

Within the dawn's awaking, 
Shells of nothing are undone, 
As healing roses gently sing 
Their heartfelt song at last. 

-Pamela Storch

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