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Jerusalem Full Moon October 24 2018

Jerusalem Full Moon October 24 2018

This art was made from a photograph of the full moon taken in Jerusalem on October 24, 2018. 

With painted clouds and whispered sky, 
The scene unfolds in the City of Gold. 
Twill put to rest the vacant cry, 
The tear strewn past and days of old. 

For moonlit whispers dark as night, 
Will light the way in shades of black, 
And sunlight like a candle's glow, 
Assure there is no turning back. 

Yet true light has no opposite, 
It does not seek to lead or guide, 
It only yearns to be itself, 
Where nothing false can ever hide. 

And so beyond duality, 
Of right and wrong and dark and light, 
Exists the greatest gift we have, 
To vanquish candles of the night. 

For there we find our truest selves, 
Beyond the war of dark and light, 
And moonlight dances with the sun, 
In dreams of peace and third eye sight. 

For no more will the quiet moon, 
Exist in solitude and pain, 
The sun will heal it's deepest wounds, 
And candles suffer not in vain. 

-Pamela Storch 

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