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Jerusalem Fountain Of The Kings

Jerusalem Fountain Of The Kings

This art was created from a photograph at an ancient fountain near Yemin Moshe in Jerusalem. 

I received the following poetry with the art: 

Jerusalem Fountain of the Kings 

Long ago with words that flow, 
And stones of ancient past, 
Align the journey to and through, 
Of victory at last. 

For overthrow a man does not, 
And judge will never be, 
Resounding love will reign at last, 
And that is victory. 

For flow do fountains near and far, 
The crown we all shall wear, 
Of light cast long beyond a tzar, 
The oneness that we share. 

King's Fountain in Jerusalem, 
Flows with the mindful eye, 
As separation dissipates, 
With joy we all shall cry. 

For we're the blind who could not see, 
The world beyond the veil, 
And we're the dead who now shall rise, 
Release our time-bound tale. 

For like a lion sleeping still, 
In solitude of night, 
The darkest dream shall be released, 
And all shall turn to light. 
-Pamela Storch

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