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Inner Guidance Portal

Inner Guidance Portal

A continuation of the "tacky hotel" art collection, this art was lovingly created from a photograph of wallpaper and a couch at a bizarre and tacky hotel in Jerusalem. 

It was altered, filtered, processed, shaped, mirrored and colored in such a way that the origins shall remain anonymous. 

When outer circumstances may seem strange, impossible and hysterically ridiculous, go within, and find the inner portal of guidance through meditation. This art is a testament to inner strength and fortitude when you are carried through life circumstances on the wings of angels and guides. You need not go through it alone, there is always help for all who ask.

Through whatever you are going through, there is inner beauty and wisdom contained in every cell, atom and molecule, if only you look with the inner eye, and see the worlds within worlds of each and every particle of reality. For all is divinity, all is holy, all is spirit when we look deep enough into each particle of darkness and see there is only light, the true light in all and everything.  

With love from my "interesting" hotel experience. 

-Pamela Storch 

A Dreamer's Pond in Autumn_edited.jpg

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