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Illumination is the fire frequency of life, flame of the golden phoenix rising. 

Illumined fire of the flame, 
The golden silver dream, 
Awaiting ashes of renewal, 
Is birthing the extreme, 

For coded is the fractal maze, 
With keys inside the locks, 
The webbing of the weaver, 
Will speak softly to the rocks, 

For fires burn upon renewal, 
The phoenix now shall rise, 
And open will the secret gates, 
And see shall brand new eyes, 

Awaken dearest dreamer now, 
Awaken and move on, 
And you shall be the rising sun, 
The world shall gaze upon. 

For warmth and love is infinite, 
The stars shine as the light, 
The phoenix fire glistens, 
As the ashes rise in flight. 

-Pamela Storch

A Dreamer's Pond in Autumn_edited.jpg

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