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Gates To The Angelic Realms

Gates To The Angelic Realms

Gates to the Angelic Realms is frequency art to assist in accessing inner sight, and inner flight through merkaba meditation. 

For angels wings you will see, and the phoenix shall rise when the core portal is activated. 

Through blue ray technology, there is a star portal inside, for those deep enough to access this hidden wisdom. 

Inner fields of third eye sight, 
Ignite the rays within, 
For there you will find inner flight, 
The portal starts to spin. 

With golden rays of blissed charge love, 
The portal holds the keys, 
Ignite the manna of the caves, 
And feel the frequencies. 

For gone within and gone without, 
Are inner worlds today, 
For there is peace and platinum love, 
Beyond the golden ray. 

Sit deeply in the stillness there, 
And feel the diamond light, 
And no more shall the self be there, 
When light bodies ignite. 

The future now is here today, 
Beyond the veil of time, 
For gates to the angelic realms, 
Are synchrony sublime. 

-Pamela Storch

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