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Flowers of Comfort

Flowers of Comfort

Nurture and relax your soul, 
Leave what no longer works, 
And rays of warmth your being shall feel, 
With love embrace your quirks, 

No longer shall you push and toil, 
For things not meant to be, 
Embrace the journey of the now, 
Your true home you shall see. 

For long at last the journey's end, 
Was meant to be this way, 
The two paths clearly are no more, 
The new path starts today. 

And so within your greatest pain, 
Awaits the ocean's gift, 
It's true the dead end may have died, 
Yet you are not adrift. 

For comfort now shall be restored, 
You never are alone, 
Let flowers lead you on your path, 
And come into your own. 

-Pamela Storch

A Dreamer's Pond in Autumn_edited.jpg

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