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Black Tea Leaves With Lavender Cornflower Bergamot And Vanilla Energy Essence

Black Tea Leaves With Lavender Cornflower Bergamot And Vanilla Energy Essence

This art was created from black tea leaves, lavender, cornflowers, bergamot and a hint of vanilla. It retains the energy essence and healing properties of all ingredients. It was energy imprinted using a tuning fork. 

Black tea leaves: Scientifically known as Camellia Sinensis, black tea is an antioxidant with numerous healing properties. It has been shown to improve heart health, reduce stress, improve digestion, reduce inflammation, improve blood pressure and aid focus. 

Lavender: relaxing, promotes sleep, reduces stress, treats anxiety, calming, purifies the mind and spirit. 

Cornflower: seen as the blueish purple petals within the art, cornflowers aid in digestion and have diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties.  

Bergamot: balancing, uplifting, citrus notes, known to aid in the treatment of depression 

Hint of Vanilla Essential Oil Essence: 

Vanilla: comforting, soothing, feminine, floral, assists with anxiety and relaxation 

Together these ingredients work in a synergistic blend, with pure alchemy, in the way most needed for each person. 

Forming intricate designs of earth tones with orange hues and vivid blueish purples, the blend of ingredients synthesizes base, sacral and crown chakras, bridging the upper with the lower, and uniting the body, mind and spirit in perfect harmony. 

As with all tea essence creations, you are your own best healer. You know best what resonates for you, so feel into the art and see what resonates. 

Please note that frequency art is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease or condition. It is not a substitute for medical or psychological care. Please see a certified healthcare professional for any issue you may be having. Frequency art works on an energetic level and therefore has not been proven by science or proven in any way. Please use responsibly. 

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