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Awakening the Dawn

Awakening the Dawn

The Album That Started it All

"Awaking the Dawn" is the first music album by Pamela Storch.  It all started with "Silver Moonlight" the first song Pamela Storch ever composed before the age of 10.  She named it Silver Moonlight, because she was inspired by Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata.  She soon after composed "Romeo & Juliet" which she hadn't yet named, however calling it "Romeo and Juliet" got her out of writing a term paper in high school English class.  Pamela Storch received music in dreams, and would often wake up, remember the dream, place her hands on the piano, play the song she dreamt, and the piece would be finished.  Sometimes when she would forget parts of the song, she would go to sleep the next night, and would remember them upon waking.  

The song "Heaven" was received in a dream.  There is an incredible story that goes along with it.

When Pamela Storch was in middle school, she was asked to perform a technically difficult piece to show off her performance abilities for a graduation ceremony.  She diligently practiced this piece for weeks and was ready to perform.  In the days before the ceremony, she had a dream where she received a piece of music called "Heaven".  In the dream, she saw the most beautiful angels and lights, and the music she played on the piano that morning sounded like a very watered down version of the magnificence she had experienced the night before.  She then had a dream with vivid images of heaven, where the same music she had received before was so beautiful, it was coming down to earth in radiant colors unlike she had ever seen.  She felt she was being given a message to deliver, with the following words to the song she had received:

There is a special place,

Where whispers rustle through the wind,

And roses soft petals won't fade,

And angels embrace me with,

A tender kiss upon my cheek,

For once I will not be afraid.

Heaven, my hope for peaceful resting place of harmony,

For that is what I am always think and dreaming of,

Heaven, my hope for pleasant passageways of destiny,

To be with the caring in the dwelling place of love.

Life may be full of choices, 

Never knowing right from wrong,

But conscience will give you the key,

Surely it helps decisions,

Knowing you must choose correctly,

You know where you wish to be.

Heaven, my hope for peaceful resting place of harmony,

For that is what I am always think and dreaming of,

Heaven, my hope for pleasant passageways of destiny,

To be with the caring in the dwelling place of love.

From "Heaven" by Pamela Storch

After the two dreams, Pamela Storch wondered why she had received this, but went to the graduation ceremony ready to play the technically difficult piece she had practiced.   She got on stage, and a feeling came over her that she had to play the piece she had dreamt instead of the one she had practiced and was asked to play.  This completely went against her nature, since she wanted to play what she had been asked, and she hadn't even practiced the piece she had dreamt.  But she felt strength come though her and she played the piece she had dreamt and sang the words that came with it, feeling as though an angel's voice was coming through her singing it for her.  She performed it flawlessly despite no practice.  As she left the stage, she wondered why that had happened, and felt guilty for playing what she had not been asked to play.  As she walked into a crowd of people, a woman came over to her crying hysterically.  "I'm so sorry", said Pamela, thinking she did something wrong.  The woman looked her in the eyes and said "I'm terminally ill.  Your song gave me  the strength to die without being afraid."  A few days later, when Pamela Storch returned to the school, she learned that the woman had passed away.

Pamela Storch continued to have experiences like this throughout her life.  

"Victory Song" was received through a state of meditation, in one sitting, where Pamela Storch placed her hands on the piano keyboard, hit record, and got out of the way.  That is what came out when she hit record.  It was only some additional audio effects that were later added to enhance the original recording.

Pamela Storch composed "Dawn" around age 13.  "Awakening the Dawn" was composed around the same time, but she did not receive the ending until she traveled to Jerusalem, Israel where she released the album in 2015.

Here is Pamela Storch playing First Contact in her storage room in Jerusalem, Israel.

Fun Fact:

Pamela Storch never recorded the vocals to "Heaven", only the music.  She was playing with the idea of recording it, but when experimenting with the new vocal software, the track went horribly wrong.  So wrong in fact, that the results were too outrageous not to share them in a video, "Heaven in Extraterrestrial Munchkin Land".  Enjoy!

Here is what happened when "We Are One", the 2nd track in "Awakening the Dawn" is played backwards.

Awakening the Dawn

Awakening the Dawn

Listen to the Album

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